Worldclass Service

The first Duty Free Zone HUB
for Cross Border B2C dispatches
in Bogotá, Colombia.

Mailamericas presents HubAmericas, the first Duty Free Zone HUB for Cross Border B2C dispatches, in the city of Bogota, Colombia, thus covering the American continent in its entirety, from Canada to Argentina and also to a number of destinations in Europe such as Spain, Portugal and Germany.

Lan-Tam and Avianca-Taca,
our strategic allies.

We are working with the most important airlines in the region, Lan-Tam and Avianca-Taca, which gives us access to the whole American and European market with a reliable service and competitive rates.

We combine three key benefits

  • Storage of goods in a Duty Free Zone
    easily accessible by sea and air.

  • The most convenient air connection.
    No bottlenecks and offering short flights.

  • Consistent distribution service, with tracking
    and tax benefits for dispatches under
    the mail franchise and at a very competitive price.

Benefits of our postal network

  • Deliveries on a global scale following international standards.

  • Low cost tracking services.

  • Insurance at only USD 30.00 for registered dispatches with no additional cost.