• Distribution of
    Printed Material

    We provide customized solutions for customers distributing Printed Material in bulk, such as magazines, catalogs, etc.

  • Solutions for

    We work actively for the e-commerce industry providing Cross Border B2C solutions for small parcels.

  • Air Conveyance

    Through commercial agreements with airlines we are able to re-dispatch Mail bags from NYC, LHR, NBO, CAI, SIN and HKG.

Our Commercial Department is actively involved in the international market providing One Stop Shopping solutions from our commercial offices in the United States, England and our agents worldwide.

We have first class customers such as Swiss Post, Deutsche Post, Correos de España, Amazon, Dell, IHG, National Geographic, Harvard Business Review and Bloomberg, among others. Mailamericas currently processes and distributes over 200,000 kg of mail per month.

by MailAmericas

The first Duty Free Zone HUB for
Cross Border B2C dispatches, in Bogota, Colombia.

Mailamericas presents HubAmericas, the first Free Zone HUB for Cross Border B2C dispatches, in Bogota, Colombia in the city of Bogota, Colombia, thus covering the American continent in its entirety, from Canada to Argentina and also to a number of destinations in Europe such as Spain, Great Britain and Germany.

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